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"Uniformed, polite and professionals. This is how I can describe the men that arrive to my house 30 minutes early. They are from the moving company that I hired to help me in my move. I admire how efficient, meticulous and careful they are in handling all my belongings. My friend Gary was right to refer this company to me. This company is really great and this is now my new favorite moving firm. I will call them again next time and would also refer them to other people. I would like others to be satisfied and be thrilled with their move with Montreal moving."

-- Alison, 28, Montreal

"Unbelievable! Shocked and super delighted. These guys gave me the most organize, exciting and worry free move. This is not my first time to move and but this is the first time that I enjoyed my move. I didn’t do anything but I got the kind of service I want. My belongings are packed securely, loaded quickly and they even help me unpack after. The guys are really friendly, knowledgeable and quick. They took care of my belongings really well that when it arrives to my new place there's no damage and scratch seen. I particularly would like to thank them for keeping my precious paintings safe and damage free. Great job guys!"

-- Kolin, 40, Montreal

"Everything went really smooth with these guys. I am so delighted with the service. A real professional and great company."

-- Ferdie, 28, Montreal

"I appreciate the quick packing and on time delivery. It really made my move convenient. Thank you guys, I will make sure to have you on my next move."

-- Orland, 48, Montreal‎

"They are polite, industrious and understanding. My move was thrilling because of you guys. I hope to work with you again."

-- Feline,36, Montreal

"i move a lot and i can say that this is by far the best moving company! i have 1 word for it : easy!!! everything was easy, they were here on time, they got everything in the truck really fast and their were no problems! im really satisfied with this company! definitely recommended"

-- David park, Montreal

"I am very pleased with the service provided by Montreal Movers. The staff were all very friendly and went out of their way to make our move fast and easy. I had some special requests about the packing order of my furniture, and they were happy to accommodate my wishes. Everything arrived safely and on time. I appreciate all their hard work and would recommend them to a friend."

-- Ella Stacey, Montreal

"Thank you for your service! I will make sure to tell my family and friends about your company. If someone is looknig for a good servie this is a great option to consider. The delivery was fast and easy and well worth the price I paid. :)"

-- Danielle Roche, Montreal

"Bravo!! what else can I say?? They made me happy with my move with them. keep up the good work guys!!"

-- Paul Jason, Montreal

"AMAZING company! We used them when we moved to Montreal. I would highly recommend them to ANYONE. Thanks again"

-- Melissa Avey, Montreal